What Kind Of Wallpapers Are Suitable For Bedroom Walls? (12 Recommendation)

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Jenelia moved to her new house last week. She is so elegant and concerned about the decoration of her entire house, especially her bedroom. So, she came to me for some tips and tricks to give a beautiful makeover to her bedroom walls. And I suggested decorating her bedroom walls using wallpapers. 

Eventually, a bedroom is a sacred place for many people, and it should be treated as such. The walls in a bedroom should reflect the personal style of the owner, and there are a variety of wallpaper types that can be used in this space. 

While there are countless options available, some kinds of wallpaper are better suited to specific types of rooms. 

So, what kind of wallpapers are suitable for bedroom walls? You can choose various patterns, prints, or solid wallpapers for your bedroom so far. Have a look to get a crystal clear idea about suitable wallpapers for your bedroom. 

What Kind Of Wallpapers Are Suitable For Bedroom Walls?

Looking for bedroom wallpapers that will make your bedroom walls look unique and stylish? There are several different types of wallpapers that can be used in a bedroom. Some people prefer traditional patterns, while others prefer more modern designs. Whatever type of wallpaper you choose, make sure it is appropriate for the room and your personal style.

In this section, I am going to share some unique and suitable wallpapers ideas for your bedroom walls. Have a look-

1.Vintage Floral Print

A bedroom is often a place of relaxation and rest. It’s important to make sure that the bedroom is decorated in a way that promotes these feelings. One way to do this is by using vintage floral wallpaper. 

There are many different types of wallpaper to choose from, but vintage floral prints can be particularly soothing. They can remind you of nature and promote a sense of calmness in the room. In addition, they can add a touch of elegance to the space. If you’re looking for a way to update your bedroom without spending a lot of money, consider using bedroom wallpaper.

2. Geometric Patterns 

Geometric patterns are making a comeback in home décor, and bedroom wallpaper is no exception. Whether you choose a bold geometric pattern in a bright color or something more subtle in neutrals, geometric wallpaper can add personality and style to your bedroom. If you’re looking for a way to add some visual interest without going too crazy, geometric wallpaper is the perfect option.

3. Abstract Patterns

A bedroom should be a sanctuary, a place of peace and relaxation. One way to achieve this is by using abstract patterns in the wallpaper. This can create an interesting visual effect that helps to distract from the stresses of the day. However, there are many different types of abstract patterns to choose from, so it’s easy to find one that will match the style of your bedroom.

4. Nature-Inspired Prints 

Wallpaper is making a comeback in the bedroom. This time, it’s all about nature-inspired prints that will make you feel like you’re sleeping in the forest. From realistic prints of trees and leaves to abstract designs with natural elements, there’s a print for everyone.

5. Pinstripes

Bedroom wallpaper can be a fun way to add personality and style to your bedroom. One popular option is pinstripes. Pinstripes can add a touch of sophistication or whimsy, depending on the design. They’re also versatile, working well in both traditional and contemporary settings.

6. Polka Dot

The polka dot wallpaper trend is back in a big way. If you’re looking to add a touch of whimsy to your bedroom, this is the perfect way to do it. There are lots of different ways to incorporate polka dots into your décor, but wallpaper is one of the easiest and most affordable options.

7. Patterned Wallpaper

Bedroom wallpaper can be a fun way to express your personality in your bedroom. There are many different types of patterned wallpaper to choose from, so you can find the perfect one to fit your style. 

If you’re looking for something classic and sophisticated, there are plenty of elegant designs to choose from. If you’re looking for something more playful and fun, there are lots of colorful and funky patterns available too. 

No matter what style you’re going for, be sure to pick a wallpaper that will make you feel happy and comfortable in your own bedroom.

8. Coastal Theme 

Bedroom wallpaper can be fun and exciting but a coastal theme can be relaxing and refreshing. Blue and green hues are perfect for a beach-inspired room. Add in some shells or coral, and you’ll have the perfect oasis to escape to. 

9. Wood Paneling Wallpapers

If you’re looking for a way to add some warmth to your bedroom, consider using wood paneling wallpapers. These wallpapers give your room a cozy, cabin-like feel, and they come in a variety of styles and colors to match any decor.

10. Set the Realism scene 

You can choose a pattern that makes you feel relaxed and calm or one that energizes you when you wake up in the morning. Bedroom wallpaper can set a realistic scene in a bedroom. For example, a person could have a beach-themed bedroom with sand and seashell wallpaper. This would give the room a realistic feel to it.

Another example would be if someone wanted to have a forest-themed room, they could put up trees and leaf wallpaper to give the room a realistic feel.

11. Kids Theme

When it comes to kids’ bedroom wallpaper, there are a variety of themes and designs to choose from. One popular option is cartoon-themed wallpaper. This can be fun for children and can help to create a cheerful and stimulating environment in their bedroom. 

Moreover, there are many different cartoon characters and designs to choose from, so you can find something that will appeal to your child. Cartoon wallpaper can also be a great way to express your child’s personality and interests.

12. Musical Theme

Bedroom wallpaper can be used to create a musical theme in your bedroom. One way to do this is to select a wallpaper that has a musical pattern or design. You can also use wall decals of musical instruments or other music-related items to create the same effect. 

Which Type Of Wallpaper Is Best For The Wall?

There are many types of wallpaper to choose from, but which one is best for your wall? The most popular are paper-backed vinyl, non-woven, solid vinyl, PVC or coated vinyl, and fabric. So far, paper-backed vinyl is the least expensive and easiest to install. It is also the most prone to tearing. 

Again, the Non-woven wallpaper is more expensive than paper but easier to install and less likely to tear. 

Solid vinyl is a good choice for moisture-prone areas since it is water resistant. Moreover, the PVC or coated vinyl is also water resistant and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. 

Last but not least the Fabric wallpaper is the most expensive but also the most luxurious. It can be customized with any color or design and is easy to clean.

So, which type of wallpaper is best for the wall? We will recommend Solid vinyl and PVC wallpapers. They are easy to install as well as long-lasting.

How Much Wallpaper Do I Need For A 12×12 Room?

When it comes to wallpapering, the question of how much wallpaper you need is often one of the first to come to mind. After all, it can be a big investment, and you want to be sure you have enough to get the job done right. So, how much wallpaper do you need for a 12×12 room? The answer may surprise you – it all depends on the pattern of the wallpaper and the width of the roll. 

For example, if you’re using a wallpaper with a small pattern, you’ll need more rolls to cover the same area as you would with wallpaper with a large pattern. This is because the small pattern will require more repeats to fill the space.

Similarly, if you’re using a wallpaper with a wide width (27 inches or more), you’ll need fewer rolls to cover the same area as you would with wallpaper with a narrower width (18 inches or less). This is because the wide width will allow you to get more coverage out of each roll. 

So, how many rolls of wallpaper do you need for a 12×12 room? Well, in a 12×12 room, you would need approximately 144 square feet of wallpaper. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll need about 4 rolls of wallpaper for a 12×12 room if you’re using a wallpaper with a small pattern, and you’ll need about 6 rolls of wallpaper for a 12×12 room if you’re using a wallpaper with a large pattern.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Wallpaper In A Room Instead Of Paint?

Wallpaper has been around for centuries and is still a popular choice for many homeowners when it comes to decorating their homes. There are many advantages to using wallpaper instead of paint, including the following:

1. Wallpaper is available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures, so you can find the perfect look for any room in your home.

2. Can be used to create a variety of different looks, from traditional to modern.

3. Relatively easy to install, and can be a do-it-yourself project for many homeowners.

4. Durable and can last for many years when properly maintained.

5. Wallpaper can be easily removed if you decide to change the look of your room.

6. Can help to hide imperfections in your walls.

7. Add insulation to your walls, helping to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

8. Can absorb sound, making your home more peaceful.

9. Cost-effective way to decorate your home.

10. Wallpaper can add personality and style to any room in your home.


1. Wallpaper can be tricky to install, especially if you’re not experienced. If it’s not done correctly, it can look messy and start to peel.

2. Sometimes it’s difficult to remove, especially if it’s been glued on for a long time.

3. Some wallpaper designs can be dated and/or tacky.

4. If you have allergies, wallpaper can be a problem because it can trap dust and other allergens.

So, those are the pros and cons of using wallpaper. As you can see, there are some good points along with some bad points. In Spite of some disadvantages, we must say using wallpaper minted of paint is a convenient and wise decision for decorating your home. 

How do I choose wallpaper for my bedroom?

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary – a place where you can relax and unwind at the end of a long day. So it’s important to choose a wallpaper that reflects your personal style and creates a calming ambiance in the space. Here are a few tips to help you select the perfect wallpaper for your bedroom:

1. Consider The Mood You Want To Create. 

Do you want a serene and relaxing space or a more vibrant and energizing room? The colors and patterns you select will play a big role in creating the overall mood of the space.

2. Think About The Existing Furnishings In Your Bedroom.

If you have a lot of bold colors and patterns in your furniture and bedding, you may want to choose a more subdued wallpaper to create a sense of balance in the space. Conversely, if your furniture is fairly neutral, you can have more fun with your wallpaper selection and experiment with brighter colors or bolder patterns.

3. Take Into Account The Lighting In Your Bedroom. 

If you have a lot of natural light, you can get away with a darker wallpaper. But if your bedroom is on the darker side, you’ll want to choose a lighter wallpaper to brighten up the space.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment. 

If you’re not sure what will work in your bedroom, try ordering a few samples and testing them out before making your final decision. This way, you can see how the colors and patterns look in your space and how they work with your existing furnishings.

5. Consider The Age

When choosing wallpaper for a bedroom, it is important to consider the age of the person who will be using the room. For toddlers or young children, a wallpaper with bright colors and playful patterns can add excitement to the room. For teenagers or adults, neutral colors and subdued patterns may be more appropriate. 

6. Concern About The Size

The size of the bedroom is also important to consider; a small room may look cluttered with a large patterned wallpaper, while a large room can handle a bolder design. The type of material used in the wallpaper can also affect its longevity; vinyl wallpapers are more durable than paper wallpapers and can be easier to clean. 

7. Look At Your Budget

Price is also something to consider; while some high-end wallpapers offer luxurious features like texture or metallic accents, there are many affordable options available as well.

With a little bit of planning and research, you should be able to find the perfect wallpaper for your bedroom. Be sure to take your time in making your decision, and enjoy the process of transforming your space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Wallpapers Ruin Walls?

Wallpapers can ruin walls if they are not applied properly or if they are not removed correctly. If you apply wallpaper to a wall that is not smooth, the wallpaper will not adhere correctly and will eventually start to peel. If you do not remove wallpaper correctly, you can damage the paint or drywall underneath.

How Long Will Wallpaper Last?

Wallpaper can last anywhere from 5 to 15 years, depending on the quality of the wallpaper, how well it is installed, and how well it is maintained. Wallpaper that is high quality and properly installed can last up to 15 years. Poorly installed wallpaper or wallpaper that isn’t maintained can last as little as 5 years.

Can Wallpaper Be Removed?

Yes, wallpaper can be removed. However, it can be a difficult and time-consuming process. There are a few different methods that can be used to remove wallpaper, and the best method will depend on the type of wallpaper and the condition of the wall.

Can I paint over the wallpaper?

Yes, you can paint over wallpaper, but it is not recommended. If you do paint over wallpaper, you will need to use a primer and be sure to seal any seams or edges where the wallpaper meets the wall.

Can I Put Wallpaper Over Wallpaper?

Yes, but it is not recommended. Wallpaper is difficult to remove and if you put wallpaper over wallpaper, it will be even more difficult to remove.

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