How Do Mice Eat Other Dead Mice?

Mice eat other dead mice by biting into their flesh and then licking up the blood. Mice are small rodents that are known to eat just about anything. So, it’s no surprise that they will also eat other dead mice. While it may seem gross to us, it’s actually a very normal part of their … Read more

How Do Mice Eat Dead Mice?

Mice eat dead mice by biting into their flesh and tearing it off in strips. Mice are generally considered to be scavengers, which means that they will eat just about anything they can find. This includes other mice. When a mouse finds a dead mouse, it will typically eat the entire thing, including the fur, … Read more

How Do Landscapers Do Concrete?

Landscapers do concrete by pouring it into forms to create the desired shape. When it comes to concrete, landscapers have a few different options for getting the job done. The most common way is to use a concrete pump. This is a machine that uses a hose to pump concrete from a truck into whatever … Read more

How Do Interior Walls Have Fire Blocks?

Interior walls typically have fire blocks in the form of sheets of gypsum board that are placed between studs. In the United States, fire blocks are required in order to have an interior wall. A fire block is a wall that is built to resist the spread of fire. It is usually made of concrete, … Read more

How Do French Drains Need An Outlet?

French drains need an outlet so that the water can exit the pipe and be discharged away from the area where the pipe is installed. A French drain needs an outlet because it is a drainage system that is used to prevent water from seeping into an area. The drain gets its name from the … Read more