How Do Air Coolers Function? (Know the Truth)

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Around 87% of USA people use air cooling systems in their homes According to the Energy Information Association reports. Where the air cooler plays a vital role. It is a household appliance that uses the cooling effect of wind to decrease the temperature of the air. Coolers work by moving air over a metal coil or fan and using it to create a cooling breeze. This breeze is then sent out into the room and is able to cool the area down. The entire soothing process makes us comfortable.

But do you know how do air coolers function? How does it generate the cooling breeze? So, in this article, we are going to discuss how do air coolers work to deliver cool air to us. 

Here we go-

Types of Air Cooler 

Before discussing the working method or function of air coolers, we must have knowledge about their type. Because each type’s function has lots of similarities though they have differences also. 

Basically, air coolers, also known as evaporative coolers, come in four types: portable, window-mounted, whole-house, and swamp cooler. 

Portable air coolers are the smallest and most affordable type of air cooler. They’re small enough to be carried from room to room and can be plugged into an electrical outlet or run on batteries. They have a fan and a water-filled pad and do not require a window.

Again, the most common type of air cooler is the window air cooler. As the name suggests, this type of cooler is designed to be placed in a window. It has a fan that helps to circulate the air and a water-filled pad that helps to cool the air.

Whole-house air coolers are larger units that can be installed in the attic or basement and provide cooling for the entire home. 

And last but not the least, the swamp cooler is a device that uses the evaporation of water to cool air. The device consists of a water tank, a fan, and a set of pads that are soaked in water. As the fan blows air through the pads, the water evaporates and the air is cooled.

So, How Do Air Coolers Function?

The function of the air cooler is divided into 2 parts. First we are going to discuss the function based on the cooling technique. Then we move forward to the working method of each type of the air cooler. 

Typically, air coolers can be classified into two types based on the cooling method: with water and without water. 

How Does Air Cooler Work With Water? 

The air coolers with water work by a process of evaporation. The fan sucks in the hot air and forces it over a series of cold coils that have been filled with water. The evaporation of the water takes the heat out of the air, which is then blown back into the room. These types of air coolers are typically more expensive to operate than those without water, but they are more effective at cooling large spaces.

Now, we are going to talk about another cooling method where the air cooler works without water.

So, How do waterless air coolers work? 

Basically, the air coolers without water work by using fans to blow the hot air across a series of fins or tubes that have been coated in the refrigerant. As the air passes over the refrigerant, it is cooled and then blown back into the room.

As we already mentioned there are 4 types of air coolers. Now we are going to talk about how they actually function and what cooling method they used to produce ice cool environment even on hot summer days. 

How Do Portable Air Coolers Function?

Portable air coolers work by blowing cold air through a water-filled pad. The fan in the unit draws in warm air from the room and forces it through the pad. The water in the pad absorbs the heat from the air and then dissipates it into the surrounding environment. Thus, this process causes the air to become cooler and then is blown back into the room.

How Do The Window Air Coolers Work?

Window air coolers work by using a water-filled pad to cool the air that is blown over it by a fan. The cold water in the pad absorbs heat from the surrounding air, which lowers the temperature. 

As a result, the cooled air is then blown into the room through the window unit. Though some window air coolers also have a dehumidifier function, which removes moisture from the air to help reduce humidity levels.

How Does The Whole House Air Cooler Function?

Whole house air coolers work differently than window or portable air conditioners. Instead of cooling a single room, they cool the entire house by drawing in warm air from the outside and pushing it through a water-saturated pad. This reduces the air temperature by 15 – to 40 F, making it more comfortable to live in. 

However, the whole house air coolers are also more energy-efficient than window or portable AC units, and they can be used to reduce the humidity in the air.

How Does The Swamp Air Air Cooler Function?

When the weather is hot, nothing feels better than standing in front of a fan. But what if there’s no electricity? Or what if you’re stuck inside on a hot day? That’s when you need a swamp air cooler. Swamp air coolers work by evaporating water to cool the air. 

The water is poured into the top of the cooler and it trickles down through a series of mats. These mats are made up of small plastic tubes filled with water. As the water passes through the tubes, it evaporates and cools the air around it. Then the cooled air is then blown out of the cooler and into your house or office.

So far, swamp air coolers are not as efficient as electric fans, but they can still be helpful on hot days. They also work well in areas that have high humidity because they help to remove moisture from the air.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q1: Are Air Coolers Like Air Conditioners?

Air coolers are not like air conditioners. Air coolers use water to cool the air, while air conditioners use a refrigerant. Air coolers are less expensive to operate than air conditioners, but they are not as effective at cooling the air.

Q2: Do Air Coolers Humidify the Air?

Air coolers are a popular choice for cooling rooms in the summer, but do they humidify the air as well? In general, air coolers do not humidify the air. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. Some portable and window-mounted air coolers have a built-in evaporative water tank that increases humidity levels in the room. 

Additionally, some high-end split system air conditioners have a moisture removal mode that increases humidity levels. If you are looking for an air cooler that will also humidify the air, be sure to check for these features before making your purchase.

Q3: How much energy is consumed by an air cooler?

Air coolers are a great way to improve humidity and comfort in your home. But how much energy do they consume?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, air coolers use between 100 and 1,000 watts of electricity, depending on the size of the unit and the ambient temperature. Typically, an air cooler can decrease the temperatures of your room up to 5.6 degrees Celsius. This can save you money on cooling costs.

Q4: Are there any disadvantages of an air cooler?

Air coolers are a popular choice for cooling homes in the summer. They are relatively cheap to purchase and operate, and they don’t require any installation. However, there are some disadvantages to using air coolers. One is that they can be quite noisy, especially when the fan is running at full speed. 

Another is that you have to change the water daily, or else it will become moldy. And finally, air coolers are not as powerful as other types of cooling systems, so they may not be able to keep up with a large space or a particularly hot day.

Q5: Does The Air Cooler Really Cool The Room?

The answer is yes – air coolers can effectively cool a room by using evaporation to lower the surrounding temperature. Moreover, air coolers work by drawing in warm air and cooling it before releasing it back into the room. This process helps to lower the overall temperature in the room. 

In warm weather, an air cooler can lower room temperatures by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bottom Line 

In conclusion, air coolers work by using a fan to blow air over a coil of tubing that is filled with cold water. The cold air is then blown into the room, cooling it down. As a result, we get a calm and cool vibe on summer days too. 

So far, air coolers are a great alternative to air conditioners, especially for small rooms. They are also much cheaper to operate than air conditioners. Also, they are a good choice for people who live in climates where air conditioning is not necessary. If you are looking for an affordable way to cool down your home, an air cooler may be the perfect solution for you.

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